A Few Thoughts For The All-Star Break

Tonight is Major League Baseball’s home run derby to help kickoff the All-Star festivities in Kansas City. Eight of the game’s best sluggers will face off to see who can ruin their swing beyond recognition all while trying to win someone a house. Tomorrow evening is the actual All-Star game and then the players get a day off on Wednesday and play resumes again at the end of the week. Before all of that I just wanted to share a couple of mythoughts about the MLB’s all-star festivities.

Show Some Love For the Little Guys

It seems that only the power hitters get to showcase their skills during the All-Star break. What about the batters that hit for average? The pitchers? The base stealers? Just like the NBA has the three-point contest and skills challenge isn’t there some sort of event that we could have pitchers do? Maybe some of extreme speed pitch where a number pops up and the pitchers have to try and hit that number on the button. Or the accurate hitters could have targets set up in the outfield and infield that they need to hit to rack up points. You may say that would be boring for fans to watch. However, it is not anymore boring than watching the NFL combine where a bunch guys work out. They could give away prizes to fans too if a batter hits a bulls eye or if a pitcher hits the speed perfectly. These may be good pregame events to have before the home run derby to keep the fans in the stadium.

Lower the Stakes a Little

The way the All-Star game is set up now the division that wins the game gets home field advantage in the World Series. If I am a manager I am complaining to the league about this nonstop. How can you decide such a pivotal series with an All-Star game that only two or three players per team compete in? If the league wants the game to hold any merit then have the winning division host the All-Star game next year. The World Series should not be determined by one game that all of the players want to have a good time at.

LaRussa Should Not Manage the National League

Yes, I get that the previous year’s World Series managers get to automatically manage the next year’s All-Star game. But in this case, with the manager retiring, you should choose the next highest team’s manager. Tony LaRussa is managing a team that is responsible for earning home field advantage for the division. If my team was a contender in the NL I would be livid that he is managing. Don’t get me wrong. He is a great manager, but he hasn’t thought about baseball since last October and now they want him to win a game that holds a great deal of importance for all the National League teams. Let Ron Roenicke from the Brewers (who lost to the Cardinals in the NLCS) manage and LaRussa can be an honorary assistant.

Now that all of that is off my chest I look forward to enjoying the All-Star festivities, but Wednesday is going to really lack in sports.

Do you think the All-Star festivities need revised? Or is what we have working? What should I do Wednesday?Let me know in the comment section or on Twitter @Believelander.

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