Week 6: Kansas State wrecked Tech

Week after week, a soft spoken man with a twinkle in his eye works endless hours with dedication seen rarely by someone in their mid-70s let alone someone in their youthful “prime.” This man is not over the top, egocentric or even boastful. This man embodies the sixteen goals that he drills into the people surrounding him day after day. This man chooses his words carefully and focuses on the small details as well as the big picture in everyday life. This man is the wizard behind Kansas State Football, the one and only, Bill Snyder. Incorporating the first five goals, take a look at the rundown of success and improvement regarding Kansas State Football
“Goal one, commitment to common goals and being successful.”
Easily demonstrated by the athletes that marched onto the field in typical K-State fashion on Saturday. With their block labeled “FAMILY” waving in air in the hands of the chosen player and their arms linked, the Wildcats stormed onto the field. They were focused on their second game in conference play, as they had a blitz battle against Iowa State in their second week. The team is committed to the common goal of winning this game and successfully sending the Red Raiders back to Lubbock with a loss.
“Goal two, unselfishness, there is no ‘i’ in team.”
Not surprising to anyone, K-State has adopted the widespread “FAMILY” mentality and focuses on how single actions affect multiple people when you are all of similar mindset. One missed task can cause a snowball effect of mistakes, aim for shouldering the pressure as a team. The game against Texas Tech was an exhibition of just how much the K-State football team focuses on raising each other up. When Jack Cantele had missed field goals and took the weight of the Auburn loss on himself, his teammates were there to back him up and help him focus on what mattered, improvement. While he lost his starting kicking position to Matthew McCrane, Cantele came back in for an extra point attempt late in the 4th quarter when the Wildcats had nothing to lose. Excellent move on Snyder’s part to build up the young man’s confidence again and the crowd erupted in joy when he made the extra point attempt.
“Goal three, unity. Come together as never before.”
No one thought we could beat Auburn, but we sure showed them a run for their SEC title money! The improvement on our overall game was seen not only against UTEP, but more improvements were displayed against Texas Tech as well. The ability for our defense to essentially shut down teams such as Texas Tech that only put up 46 rushing yards total on Saturday was key. While Davis Webb, quarterback for the Red Raiders, was slightly injured, he also threw four interceptions. The defense truly shut down their run game and pressured the offensive line of Texas Tech like they have not yet seen this season.
“Goal four, improve. Every day as a player, person and a student.”
This needs no explanation how it was applied to K-State’s 45-13 victory over Texas Tech.
“Goal five, be tough. Mentally and physically.”
The Wildcats have been tough physically all season thanks to discipline and motivation from their team. Being tough mentally is something that most adults struggle with let alone a bunch of kids playing football on a national level. Jack Cantele is a great example of being tough mentally after he endured some very critical comments on his kicking performance against Auburn. The abuse he received was not characteristic of K-State twitter but it somehow leaked through. He responded in a diplomatic way and took full blame. This is a huge part of the mental game that comes along with the territory of playing high level football. His comeback extra point late in the fourth against Texas Tech was a brilliant and huge step towards getting his kicking game back on track.
These five goals being carried out are just a small part of why Kansas State football is one of the most exciting programs to cheer on. The not-so-successful history of the school’s football program has been revamped and is on display by the wizard in purple himself, Bill Snyder. Saturday we were given a strong showcase of how each week the team learns from mistakes, improves and focuses on the goals ahead. The power behind Jake Waters is not electric or over the top like the front runners for the Heisman, but he is a solid and reliable quarterback that puts up great numbers week after week. The improvement on offense ever since getting rid of the two quarterback system of 2013 is impressive to say the least.
Our young players like Charles Jones, sophomore RB from Louisiana, was a key ingredient to getting the third down conversions we desperately needed to keep momentum on our side. The key part to Charles Jones is that he will be returning next season with even more experience and knowledge. The team relied heavily on the best offensive weapon to grace our field in a long time, Tyler Lockett. While Lockett had only one touchdown in the home opener against Stephen F. Austin, he had two touchdowns against Texas Tech this week. This super star is going to continue to be targeted heavily by Jake Waters as well as the opposing team’s defense.   Luckily for K-State, they have a plethora of weapons on offense and seem to never run out. While the team is going into a bye week and will return facing the recently defeated Oklahoma in a battle royale, winning in Norman, OK is not unheard of for the underdog Wildcats.
This will be a challenging game and the entire team will benefit from the extra rest of a bye week to prepare. Well, we know that the team will be working hard and not exactly on a beach with a drink in hand, but it is definitely a rest that is well deserved and much needed. As a fan base, we will get to see what the Wildcats are made of since we have only been on one messy road game this year and hopefully the extra time off will show. However, the one man that will not be resting until he has successfully completed his set goals for the day? You guessed it, Bill Snyder.