Mock College Football Playoff, Week 11

Welcome to the third week of our mock playoff selection committee. Some of the members will explain their ballots, so scroll to see those musings. Every Monday we’ll publish our top 10 based on a group vote. We’ll continue to refine this process as the season goes on. Find all mock playoff selection committee results here.

The committee:

Ben Belden (@BBeldenCLE)
Kristen Botica (@OGKristenB)
Damien Bowman (@damienbowman)
Jason Lindekugel (@Jlindy87)
Seth Merenbloom (@SMerenbloom)
Mike Wilson (@pigskinopinion)

Maxwell Brusky (@LibertyBowlMax), Co-Host – Buck Around
Jack Follman (@JackFollman), Editor – Pacific Takes
Mark Hasty (@MarkHasty), Writer – Midwest Sports Fans
Jeff Rich (@ByJeffRich), Publisher – More Than a Fan
Sharp Williams (@SharpTusk), Publisher – Hog Database

Steve Botica
Mike Knight
Tom Suppa (@TomSportsInc)
Josh Wallace (@jdubya3)

The rules:

Each week, committee members will submit their top 10 teams and each team will receive points based on their position. The team’s will be ranked 1-10 based on which has the most points. Ties will be broken by which team has the highest votes in a specific position.

Points are assigned as follow: first place – 10, second place – 9, third place – 8, fourth place – 7, fifth place – 6, sixth place – 5, seventh place – 4, eighth place – 3, ninth place – 2, tenth place – 1.

Week 11 Results:

Place Team Points First Place Votes
1 Clemson 138 6
2 Ohio State 128 4
3 Alabama 123 3
4 Baylor 100 2
5 Notre Dame 73
6 Oklahoma State 63
7 LSU 52
8 Iowa 52
9 Stanford 49
10 Utah 14
Unranked: TCU 13
Michigan State 7
Florida 7
Oklahoma 5
Houston 1

College Football Playoff:

Bowl Teams
Orange No. 1 Clemson vs. No. 4 Baylor
Cotton No 2. Ohio State vs. No. 3 Alabama


New Year’s Six:

Bowl Teams Tie In
Fiesta At-large
Rose Iowa vs. Stanford Big Ten #1 vs Pac-12 #1
Sugar Oklahoma State vs. LSU Big 12 #1 vs SEC #1
Peach At-large

Our work:

Because we’re as transparent as possible, here is how each member of the committee voted: