The College Quickie; Everett Golson, John Papuchis, Vernon Adams and the Minnesota Gophers

We all have our pet peeves. One of my pet peeves is top 10 lists that passively tell the reader what they are supposed to think about a particular topic. Without naming names, we’re all aware of who those sports sites are that are most guilty with publishing top 10 lists on what seems like a daily basis.

And with those proverbial cards laid out on the proverbial table, I have a list of my own to offer to you. What makes my list different is that its purpose is purely voyeuristic. This is an opportunity for you to learn what I will be paying attention to during the 2015 college football season. If your list is different, and I do hope that it is different, please post yours on my Twitter feed.


Everett passed through South Bend, IN last season as he helped lead Notre Dame to a lack luster record of 8-5. While his statistics weren’t awful, he did leave fans with the perception of being a walking, breathing turnover machine. His performance against Arizona St fueled this perception as he threw 4 interceptions.

Golson decided to transfer for the 2015 season. After what seemed to be a 5 year decision process, Golson will play for Florida St this season. Yes, there is some irony to this when considering how the Notre Dame/FSU game ended in 2014.

At this point there is no guarantee that Golson will be named the starter for FSU, however, it is something that I will be keeping my eye on in 2015.


We’ve been glued to Adams’ transcript all summer waiting to see if he passed that final math assessment. See? They really ARE student athletes! Well, the young man passed his test and is the legitimate heir to Mariota’s thrown in Eugene, OR this fall.

Oregon is the king of aesthetic beauty (both in fashion sense and offensive style) while not really having won anything of substance. Adams will look runway ready in his Nike uniforms, but what about his ability to lead the Duck’s offense? Will the Ducks take a step back, maintain their current position or finally take that elusive step to a championship? Only time will tell and it is something that could hinge on the math wiz’s football skills.


Papuchis is the new linebacker coach at North Carolina after having spent the past 6 years with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. From 2012-2014, Papuchis served as the Husker’s Defensive Coordinator.

In 2014, the Husker’s defense ranked 53rd overall, 75th against the run and 32nd against the pass. His defense’s appeared to hold their own in the first half of games, but if you watched enough of their games, you knew that the opposition would run all over the Black shirts in the second half.
What I will be focused on this season is two-fold. The first being how will the Husker’s defense look without Papuchis and the second being how with North Carolina’s defense look with his influence?


Jerry Kill has led the Gophers since 2011 and is 25-26 overall. In that time period, he has guided the team to 3 bowl games. He certainly has the Gophers going in the right direction but it is time for the program to take that next step.

Minnesota plays in the Western Division so they do not have to deal with Ohio St or Michigan St for their divisional crown. In addition to this, both Wisconsin and Nebraska are breaking in new coaching staffs. The time is now for Jerry Kill to win his division and to play for the conference crown.

The Gophers are basically Tennessee, except they do not have the glare of the media’s spotlight. They may not have this luxury of anonymity if they played in one of the other Power 5 conferences. Their time is now.

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