The College Quickie: Predictions – Sometimes You’re Right, Sometimes You’re Wrong

Here’s the thing about predictions, you’ll get some right and you’ll get some wrong. I am no exception to that rule. If you listened to the Campus Pressbox podcast “2015 College Football Season Preview”, you heard my predictions on how I thought the season would transpire. Give it another listen and then swing back to The Quickie to see how things are shaking out around the country.


If there is one thing the East has taught us in the past, it is to not count our chickens before they hatch. Georgia appears to be cruising, but let’s face it, we’ve seen this before with the Dawgs. There is only one thing I’m confident in and that is if Georgia stumbles again Missouri will not be the beneficiary of the East crown.

Then there is the wild, wild, West. I don’t know who Kiffin is or isn’t sleeping with but what I do know is that Alabama does not appear to be invincible this year. After Ole Miss took it to the Crimson Tide, everyone assumed that they were the best team in the country by default. The Rebels may have some competition for the top spot in the West given how LSU and Texas A&M have performed.


Going into the season, I was all in with Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets currently sit at 2-2 with a loss to Duke. In terms of that second tier of the ACC, the Yellowjackets will have some competition with Louisville. Louisville is 1-3 but only one of those losses came within the conference and perhaps the non-conference schedule has prepared them for the ACC haul…or maybe it hasn’t. One thing appears certain and that is that Florida St. just keeps on trucking. Maybe it’s because they are just that good or maybe it’s because the ACC is just a diluted conference.


I’ll be honest, it’s just so easy to pick on this conference. Just take your pick. There is the dumpster fire in Lawrence, the soap opera in Texas, and the bickering of Gary Patterson, Art Briles and Bob Stoops.

However, where it really matters appears to be a repeat of last season and that means that TCU and Baylor are sitting on top of the conference. Yes, it is true that TCU squeaked by Texas Tech, but a win is a win. Oklahoma St. may be a real contender, but until they play either TCU or Baylor, I’ll reserve my judgment on the Cowboys.

The PAC-12

Don’t let my affiliation with the SEC fool you, the PAC-12 is my boy. At least that’s what I suggested on the preview podcast. The conference has taken some heat for their collective on field performance but I do still think they are the best conference in the country.

Utah is just plain taking care of business and USC is still impressive to me even though they lost to Stanford. In this day and age of parity, a loss here and there doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it used to.

The PAC-12 also seems to be offering up this year’s Cinderella story. The California Bears are 4-0 behind the arm of Jared Goff. While I love the conference as a whole, I’m just not sold on the Bears yet. Yes, they are 4-0 but they have played nobody that has a legitimate pulse. They get to feast on Washington St. this weekend and then take on Utah. Check back with me after the Bears travel to Rice-Eccles Stadium. A win would make me a believer but so would a close loss.


Hey, did you hear? Ohio St. has like 15 quarterbacks! Well, it’s not quite to that extreme, but the Buckeyes seem to have an on again, off again quarterback controversy. Urban Meyer is sticking with Cardale Jones but J.T. Barrett seems to be lurking in the background. Props to Meyer for having made a decision and sticking with it. But come on, with the talent tOSU has across the board, it doesn’t really matter who the quarterback is between the two options.

Michigan St. was my pick to win the conference and I suppose I’m sticking with that choice. However, like so many other teams around the country, they have had their ups and downs. Even with their shaky play at times, they do remain undefeated at 4-0.

Then there is the khaki wearing prince of Ann Arbor, Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh got off to an impressive start against Utah. True, the Wolverines lost that game, but only by seven points. Since that game one loss, Michigan has won their last three games by an average score of 31-5. The cherry on top of their three game win streak was a 31-0 shutout of BYU. As for that other division in The Big Ten, they might as well be the SEC East only more watered down.