Where Does Ohio State Belong?

They say that previous success should have no bearing on the current standing. One would think that this would be especially true in today’s “What have you done for me lately?” world.

Unfortunately, it isn’t that way.

Ohio State continues to sit safely in the top four of the College Football Playoff Committee’s rankings.





This might be an unpopular opinion, but they don’t deserve to be in that spot.

Yes, the Buckeyes are unblemished this year, coming out on top every time they’ve walked on the field, but as Oklahoma State and Iowa have shown us, that simply isn’t enough.

Why is it that Ohio State’s run through cupcakes and unranked teams is good enough for number three, but Iowa’s two Top 25 wins or Oklahoma State’s Top 25 win isn’t as good a resume as Ohio State’s zero?

The argument is there that Iowa is very overrated due to the eye test, and I could buy that. Iowa might actually be the most overrated team in the top 10 at the moment. That being said, at least they have a few solid wins.

Yes, Oklahoma State’s non-conference schedule is as bad as, if not worse than Ohio State’s, but they still have more wins over ranked teams than the Buckeyes do.

Ohio State will have the time to prove it belongs in the next two weeks with their matchups against Michigan State and at Michigan, but until those happen, what have they really done, other than winning it all last year?

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Looking at their resumes all together, they are very similar. That being the case why does Ohio State get all the love?

Taking out a mediocre Virginia Tech on the road was a solid win, granted Lane Stadium is a tough place to play, especially at night, but is that good enough to be a top four team’s marquee win? If it isn’t that game it surely must’ve been sneaking past Mid-American Conference powerhouse Northern Illinois by seven, inside of the almighty Horseshoe. That one really must’ve impressed the committee.

Ohio State has beaten three bowl eligible teams at this point, and two of them are from the MAC in Northern Illinois and Western Michigan.

After looking at Ohio State’s body of work, I simply cannot find a reason to have them placed inside the top four at the moment.

Call me a hater, call me whatever you want because I’ve heard it all. Facts are facts and right now the Buckeyes don’t have the credentials of a top four team.

Truthfully speaking there are a number of teams with better resumes than Ohio State, even including teams that don’t have perfect seasons.


Ohio State has an extremely talented team; there is no doubting that. Braxton Miller has made the transition from QB to WR look very smooth, Joey Bosa will play at a high level on Sunday’s for a long time, and Ezekiel Elliott is a special talent.

All of those cannot be denied.

A few other things that cannot be denied this year include the inconsistent quarterback play, the lack of a true deep threat offensively, an offensive line that has struggled, and a team captain pulling the “Do you know who I am?” while being arrested for OVI.

Keep in mind before you throw me to the Twitter wolves, that the Buckeyes still have plenty of time to prove themselves.

It just so happens that their season starts 11 weeks after the rest of the college football world.