The College Quickie: Five Fraudulent Contenders

As I sit here on Monday night, drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon (that’s right), I find myself thrown back to my college days.  Those were the days we here at Campus Pressbox featured a, more or less, weekly College Quickie.

This PBR is making me realize just how much I miss my college days and the College Quickie.  It only felt right to work in a Tuesday quickie for old time’s sake.

So, in 500 words, or less, here are the first five bluebloods to be eliminated from 2016 College Football Playoff contention:

Ole Miss

If college football games were 30 minutes long, Ole Miss would be the undisputed top-ranked team in the country right now.  Going into the locker room, the Rebels have been up 28-13 on Florida State, 24-3 on Wofford, and 24-17 on Alabama.  That would give them wins over #4 in week one and #1 in week three.

The second half, closing time is what’s been tripping up the Rebels.  They’re being outscored by a combined 40-10, in the third quarter.  Generally, the best teams play their best right out of halftime and it’s hard to overcome that if you don’t do the same.

As we saw last weekend, Ole Miss is Hotty Toddy toast.


Well, well, well, if it ain’t No Game Bob Stoops and his rag-tag band of Sooner or Laters.  There’s no team that’s fallen further, or harder, from grace than the Big 12’s only hope.

With the conference championship game not returning until next season, the Big 12 big wigs better hope the Sooners don’t run the table.

If they do, Oklahoma and the Big 12 will be locked out of the Playoff.


Never has there been, and never will there be, a program more perennially overrated than the USC Trojans.  As our Damien Bowman once said, “The Trojans are the poster boys for blowing your load early.”

That ironic analogy has come to emasculating fruition yet again in 2016.  Truthfully, this could’ve been said after the steamrolling USC took from Alabama in week one.

Florida State

Getting drummed by Louisville to the tune of 63-20 disqualifies Florida State from making a Playoff appearance this season.

Maybe, if there were a pending rematch in the ACC Championship Game, I would say there’s still a chance for the Seminoles.

There’s not, and that cooks the Noles, no matter what they do for the rest of the season.

Notre Dame

Say hello to the biggest fraud of them all.  Boy, does it give me great pleasure to say that.

Not only did the Domers lose to a Texas team that’s still no good, they came back two weeks later and got dominated by a Michigan State team that’s supposedly in a down year.

As Seth Merenbloom so aptly described yesterday, Notre Dame’s Playoff chances are non-existent.

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