Mock College Football Playoff 2016, Week 9

Welcome to the first week of Campus Pressbox’s official mock playoff committee. Every Tuesday I’ll be publishing the top 10 based on a group vote.

The committee:

Tim Bach (@Tbach84)
Kristen Botica (@OGKristenB)
Damien Bowman (@damienbowman)
Mitch Gatzke (@GreatGatzke)
Cooper Goetz (@uf_goetz)
Cole Hankins (@Cole_Hankins)
John Horlander (@John_Horlander)
Seth Merenbloom (@SethMerenbloom)
Evan Skilliter (@Skilliter)
Ben Belden (@bbelden330), Writer- Slap the Sign
Thomas Gardner
J.R. Goetz

The rules:

Each week, committee members will submit their top 10 teams and each team will receive points based on their position. The team’s will be ranked 1-10 based on which has the most points. Ties will be broken by which team has the highest votes in a specific position.

Points are assigned as follow: first place – 10, second place – 9, third place – 8, fourth place – 7, fifth place – 6, sixth place – 5, seventh place – 4, eighth place – 3, ninth place – 2, tenth place – 1.

Week 9 Results:

Place Team Points First Place Votes
1 Alabama 120 12
2 Michigan 103
3 Washington 93
4 Clemson 91
5 Louisville 59
6 Ohio State 58
7 Texas A&M 48
8 Wisconsin 37
9 Auburn 24
10 Florida 15
Additional Votes: Nebraska 11


Bowl Teams
Peach No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 4 Clemson
Fiesta No. 2 Michigan vs. No. 3 Washington

New Year’s Six:

Bowl Teams Tie In
Orange Louisville vs. ACC vs. Big Ten, Big 12 or SEC
Cotton At Large vs. At Large
Rose Ohio State vs. Utah Big Ten vs. Pac-12
Sugar Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M Big 12 vs. SEC

Notes and Observations:

  • There were three clear groups of teams.
    • The undefeated front-runners, consisting of the teams that received 1st or 2nd place votes (Alabama, Michigan, Washington, and Clemson)
    • The Contenders, consisting of the teams that peaked at 4th, 5th or 6th place votes (Louisville, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Wisconsin, and Auburn)
    • The Long shots, who, at best, received 7th place votes (Florida, Nebraska, and LSU)
  • Wisconsin and Auburn seem to be the most likely candidates for the Orange Bowl Big Ten/Big 12/SEC at large spot.
  • LSU, No. 15, was the lowest ranked team in the AP Poll to receive a vote. The Tigers jumped 3 Big 12 teams (Oklahoma, Baylor, West Virginia), none of which received a single vote. LSU’s single 10th place vote was courtesy of Seth.

 This Saturday’s Marquee Matches

No. 10 Florida @ Arkansas (3:30 P.M.)

Nebraska @ No. 6 Ohio State (8 P.M.)

No. 1 Alabama @ LSU (8 P.M.)

Our Work:

For transparency, here is how each member of the committee voted this week:

Voting Week 9


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