The Pac-12 Earned this Smack

No. 7 Stanford travels to No. 10 Washington in what could be the must-see game of this weekend.  That is if it weren’t scheduled for the Friday night graveyard shift.

This is going to be a hell of a game between two Pac-12 North opponents with early aspirations of a berth in the College Football Playoff.  It’s tough to pick but I’ll have to go with the Stanford Cardinal.  Mostly because I like to rely on what I know, rather than what I think I might know.

I know Stanford is a solid, well-coached team that’s not afraid of playing big games on the road.  I know the Cardinal is good for about 24 points on any given, and I know its opponent is normally held around 13.  I know Christian McCaffrey is the most electric player in college football.  I know I can count on Stanford.

I think I might know that Washington has the talent to win this game.  I think I might know that the secondary is lights-out.  I think I might know this could be the year the Huskies sneak up on everyone and end up in a semi-final.  What I do know about Washington is that I don’t know enough about Washington.

U-Dub has beaten up on three teams that didn’t belong on the same field and escaped Tucson with a 35-28 win over an awful Arizona Wildcats team.  This weekend is our best opportunity to see what the Huskies are really made.  I hope you didn’t have Friday night plans.

Still, as much as Washington needs to prove itself to a national audience, so does Stanford.  The Cardinal will also be looking to impress the committee, having robbed UCLA last weekend.  Again, I’m going with Stanford, but this one’s a win-win for me.

All this is to say, I don’t want to smack down Stanford or Washington.  This is going to be a great game and I’ll be happy either way it goes, honestly.  No, the real chump here is the Pac-12.

You’ve got two top 10 teams facing off in the best game your conference has to offer all season and you’ve fumbled it into a 9 p.m. Eastern start on a Friday night in September.  Forget about the ratings.  Those numbers will be laughable.

As a conference, you’ve got one shot at sending a team to the playoff in this, a “down” year.  You need an undefeated team that cannot be denied a spot.  The best way to do that is to showcase your big boys beating up on each other and let everyone see which team emerges.  In the Pac-12’s case, it had this one shot to do so, and the game is being stashed away on a Friday night.

The idea might have seemed cool at the time, but how ‘bout now?  Yeah, as it’s turned out, not such a good idea after all.  Think back to Stanford’s opening week, too.  Oops, another Friday night fireworks special.  This is not high school football.

So, Pac-12, stop with the Friday night nonsense.  Get your primetime games on Saturdays like the other Power 5 conferences, or surrender your membership to the club.

I guess there is a bright spot here.  At least the game won’t be broadcast on the Pac-12’s failure of a network.  That thing will take you longer to find than it’ll take an eight-year-old to pick all the choice pieces in his or her giant pillow case of upcoming Halloween candy.

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