Campus Pressbox Lost One Of Our Own; Mike Tews Will Be Missed

Campus Pressbox recently received word that one of our writers, Mike Tews, passed away over Thanksgiving weekend. While I didn’t know Mike personally, everyone at Campus Pressbox, myself included, talked with him on a consistent basis. Technology makes it possible for strangers to also be the best of friends in many regards. And when sports is the focus of the blog site, it’s even easier to form connections with like-minded people who are spread across the country.

Mike was a Campus Pressbox veteran. He was one of the first hires made by the site. That was way back when we were known as The College Football Roundtable. The site has evolved over time and Mike was a contributing member from the very beginning.

As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Mike was a Badger. But he also adjusted well when asked to go beyond his Wisconsin roots. If something was going on in the Big Ten, Mike could always be counted on to write opinionated, responsible content. In a word, Mike was always a professional.

Mike may have considered Ohio State to be the toast of the conference but his Badgers are well positioned to rule the conference this year. I only wish Mike was still around to see Wisconsin take a swing at the Buckeyes. And it would only be fitting for Wisconsin to pull off what Mike would consider to be an upset and roll into the Playoff. Just imagine if Wisconsin wins the national championship.  Mike would have enjoyed the emotional roller coaster that every fan dreams of riding with their team.

When Wisconsin takes the field at Lucas Oil Stadium, keep Mike in your thoughts. I know all of us at Campus Pressbox will be.  And if you have time, please go back and read Mike’s articles. He was not only a Wisconsin fan but a true Big Ten fan so there’s something there for everyone.

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