Let The Tom Herman Era Begin

Saturday will mark 280 days since Tom Herman was hired at Texas. From all accounts, he’s made the most of every single day at the 40 Acres.

Whether it’s upgrading the Godzillatron, enhancing the locker room and facilities or just shaking the hands that need to be shaken, Herman has done it all. But now it’s time for him to do what he’s paid to do…win football games.

Herman was hired to bring Texas back to national prominence quickly, and it starts Saturday against Maryland. While I’m not expecting a completely dominating performance, history shows Herman’s teams tend to do exactly that in opening games, which could be a reason why the Longhorns are 17-point favorites at home.

Texas fans don’t need to see a national championship this year. The realistic fans know it’s not going to happen anyway. Being competitive in every single game, winning the games you’re supposed to and avoiding embarrassing losses will already be a step ahead of the last three seasons. And it could also equate to an eight or nine win season.

And I must throw in a refreshing point after watching a little bit of Charlie Strong’s debut with South Florida Saturday night. I felt like I was watching the 2016 Longhorns. Seriously.

The special teams penalties and miscues, the completely disorganized appearance of the team and mismanagement all looked eerily similar. I’m glad that’s no longer an issue. Well, at the very least, it’s not going to be at the same level.

There are things you can and can’t coach with a football team. Talent is something you can’t coach. Discipline can be coached. We always heard Strong had a talented team, and it didn’t make sense why he wasn’t winning games. The answer lies in the coaching, and I think it will be very clear very soon this year.

I’m ready to wear my burnt orange with pride again, rather than just wearing it because it’s all I have in my closet.

I’m ready to truly be excited about Saturday’s again, instead of trying to give myself a false sense of hope.

I’m ready to enjoy a big victory again and know that it’s not an anomaly.

And yes, in a sick way, I’m ready to hurt for an entire week after a grueling loss.

Losses haven’t hurt the way they used to back in the glory days. And if I’m feeling that as a fan, I would expect similar feelings in the locker room.

I expect Herman to change that attitude quickly. A win is going to feel normal again. A loss is going to feel like the worst thing in the world.

I remember being upset during the 10-win seasons of the Colt McCoy days because the wins “didn’t look good enough.” I’m looking forward to that again under Herman.

But just like it took a little while for losing to become the norm, I think winning will be the same way. The wins won’t feel normal again until the losses really start hurting.

All I can say is, I’m ready for it all with Herman leading the way. Let’s watch some college football and get the Tom Herman era underway at Texas!

Hook’em \m/

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Photo: Wikimedia