Michael Vick Doesn’t Deserve Solace at FOX Sports

July 20, 2009 – the date that Michael Vick was released from federal and state prison on charges related to dog fighting convictions. On September 10, 2017, Michael Vick will be the newest member of FOX’s NFL Sunday coverage and there are a lot of people upset about it.

Good; they should be.

I’m not a pet person in any sense of the manner, but I certainly understand why people are upset with Michael Vick. I always say I have no right to tell people what they should be offended by or how they should feel about something, but I guess I’m going to be a bit of a hypocrite for the moment.

It is time for the people who hold Michael Vick as the poster boy for all that is wrong in dog fighting to move on.

When the stories and videos came out about his dog fighting people were rightly incensed. They protested the NFL, Falcons and nearly every company that endorsed Mr. Vick. They lined up outside of his home, the courthouses where he was tried and convicted, and were waiting for him when he came home from prison.

In a Change.org protest they say he hasn’t shown enough remorse, and to that point, I agree with you, but to the larger point, I’ll say it doesn’t matter if he does or doesn’t. Mr. Vick should have shown more remorse, but only to the point to where it makes all the angry people happy. When The Hollywood Reporter asked Alex Rodriguez how he rehabilitated his image, he simply said, “You have to own your shit.” To that point, I agree 100%. On the other hand, to many people, nothing will fix their perception of Alex Rodriguez and Michael Vick.

And my guess is that is exactly why Mr. Vick hasn’t owned his “shit.” When he returned to the NFL from his post-prison suspension he was signed almost immediately because, well, he’s good at his job. And he recently had the chance to be a coaching intern with the Kansas City Chiefs, he excelled, because again, he’s good at his job.

My guess, is in Mr. Vick’s mind he doesn’t need to “show” remorse because in his mind he did jail time and short of death, having their freedom taken away what else can someone take away from a man?

To the nearly 75,000 people who signed this petition, have you never done anything that people would find offensive? Or jail worthy? Because God knows I’m not perfect and I’ve certainly paid a price for not being perfect.

ESPN laid off 100-plus staffers this year, many of which could probably do a lot of on-air NFL work as good or better than Michael Vick, hire them.

Hire them because you don’t have people like me writing this article supporting your decision to hire Mr. Vick and to show that sometimes being good at your job shouldn’t be the only thing that matters.

Hire them because they probably don’t have “shit” to “own” in the sense that Michael Vick does.

If you don’t want to see Michael Vick on your television set or don’t think he should have this job, then fire him with your remote. Don’t watch FOX and get in touch with their sponsors. They’ll listen. If you don’t believe me as Bill O’Reilly.

Finally, to Michael Vick, I understand why you haven’t shown “remorse” that’s good enough for those people signing that petition, but faking it sometimes goes a long way and the only person who would know it would be you.

For the record, I do NOT believe FOX should hire Michael Vick and it isn’t because I’m upset about his dog fighting history, but because I don’t think he’s the best available person. There is a certain part of me, that as a black man says, I should support him in whatever he does because he’s black, but I wasn’t raised that way.

I was raised in the inner city of Cleveland and went to Catholic school, so I’m sure there’s a sense of entitlement and privilege, but there’s also a sense of I don’t want anything handed to me because of the color of my skin. To those who are simply backing Mr. Vick because he’s black, you’re just as a bad as the people who say that he shouldn’t be hired because he hasn’t shown remorse.

I can’t wait to see what everyone does when someone puts O. J. Simpson back on television. All he did was kill people and commit armed robbery.