Mizzou Is In The SEC For Better Or For Worse

Everyone likes taking shots at the Missouri football program. I get it. There’s no denying that Missouri football is horrible in its current state of affairs. But Missouri is not the only bad team in the SEC.

Missouri has become the seemingly trademarked product of all that is bad with SEC football. This anti-Missouri bias was on display when Gary Danielson referred to Tennessee as “Missouri” while the Volunteers were being drubbed 41-0 by Georgia. And Danielson didn’t call Tennessee “Missouri” once. He did it twice and this was after Brad Nessler corrected him.

Danielson’s jab at Tennessee at the hands of Missouri was met with some snarky defense.

Ha, ha, ha! We get it, Holly. As bad as Tennessee played, it’s an insult to the Volunteers to refer to them as Missouri. Just remember that Missouri doesn’t REALLY belong in the SEC. And when it comes right down to it, Missouri should really be kicked out of the Alabama-And-The-13-Dwarfs conference.

Former Missouri beat reporter for the Kansas City Star, Tod Palmer, jumped to the defense of Missouri. All that got in response from Anderson was the classic “snowflake” jab.

Danielson was making the same statement on air that Anderson was making on Twitter. That statement was that Missouri is bad and doesn’t belong in the SEC. It’s just a tired, whiney argument at this point. I can’t say this loud enough – Missouri is in the SEC and Danielson, Anderson, Saturday Down South and everyone else needs to come to terms with this!

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Part of coming to terms with this is expecting people like Palmer and myself jumping to the defense of Missouri when the jabs are thrown. We’re not “snowflakes” when we bring up the recent success that Missouri has had in the SEC. When Anderson asked Palmer how Missouri’s two SEC East titles went for the Tigers, she and others like her continue to question Missouri’s place in the conference. No, Missouri didn’t win the SEC Championship during either visit to Atlanta, but Butch Jones would gladly trade his collection of 2nd, 4th, and 6th place SEC East finishes for just one of Missouri’s conference championship game appearances.

Here’s the reality of the situation.

Missouri is in the SEC and the Tigers have had some success in their new conference. Times are tough right now for Missouri as the on-field product is hot garbage. And if you need to know, hot garbage is indeed worse than a dumpster fire.

Tennessee hasn’t won the SEC East since 2007. Times are tough in Knoxville, but for different reasons than Missouri’s tough times. The Volunteers aren’t a dumpster fire let alone hot garbage. Jones is merely the captain of a dysfunctional ship.

Here’s a little more reality.

Danielson was out-of-line for using Missouri as the butt of his joke. But at this point, Missouri fans are used to this kind treatment from Danielson. He didn’t like Missouri being in the SEC when the Tigers were good in 2013 or 2014 and he doesn’t like Missouri’s membership in the SEC when the team is hot garbage.

As for Anderson, she made her comment on Twitter and I had no problem with using that forum for the jab. Having said that, calling Palmer a “snowflake” for defending the program showed who had the thin skin.

And I’ll offer a touch more reality…

There’s a fine line between hot garbage, a dumpster fire, and a dysfunctional ship. Both Missouri and Tennessee need new coaches.

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