Welcome to SportsHax

This name’s been around a long time, and by around, I mean it’s been behind lock and key since 2015, so maybe not as long as you think.

What is ‘SportsHax’?

Originally, SportsHax was to be a podcast with my friends Josh Flagner and Allan Fee, but Josh had a kid and Allan moved back to Seattle, so I held onto this name until now.

So here we are back to writing again after watching the Cleveland sports blogosphere basically whittle away to nothing. Sure, there’s one, maybe two solid sites, but that’s it. There’s very little opinion and lots re-packaging of press releases. Here’s the twist: SportsHax isn’t a Cleveland blog, but most of the launch writers are Cleveland fans. Sure, you’ll see something about Cleveland here and there, but for the most part – we plan to talk about anything and everything.

Culture, Politics, Pop Culture, and Sports.

From a bunch of SportsHax.

We’ll have a web page soon with columns, podcasts, and community unlike any other.

So, who’s here? Other than me (@damienbowman), this week there’s Jake Altman (@Shakeandjake7) and Josh Flagner (@RailbirdJ) and finishing out the launch staff is Ryan Thompson (@RThompAK13) and Dan Zaleski (@CommonManDZ). I hope you’ll share this newsletter with friends and family and encourage them to sign up.

We’re on the web at sportshax.com, Facebook (facebook.com/SportsHax) and Twitter (@SportsHax)

There’s much more to come and if you want to write with us, send us an e-mail. Enjoy SportsHax.