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Is baseball season over in Cleveland?

So I’m sitting at my desk, enjoying an amazing cup of Victory Monday Coffee after the Browns beat the Saints and it’s time to write my article about the Tribe… and I’m dreading it.  What happened this weekend? What happened to our playoff hopes? What happened to the magic???



The Detroit Tigers, our arch-enemy, have been seemingly sliding off into the abyss but then when WE play them they decide to bring their mojo out of storage and sweep us? That’s a dream crusher right there. And we have fans that travel to the Motor City and start chants about Bankruptcy, because, well, we’ve got that going for us.


So the question is, as baseball fans, what do we do next? For those only interested in a team that is making a playoff run, I guess your season is over. But for those who actually enjoy the game of baseball, who love the sights and sounds and smells of the ball park, you’ve got some time left to enjoy this summer.




Because even when the Indians lose these days, they make it a game. It’s fun to watch, the pitching has been pretty darn good and the guys are still making some amazing plays.  So yeah, today celebrate a Browns Victory but don’t forget to tune in to the Tribe this week as they are on the road in Houston.
Respectfully Submitted,

Cleveland Kate



We've still got BASEBALL – It's Tribe Time!

I know you are out there wallowing in the football losses this weekend by the Buckeyes and the Browns but you need to stop that right now.  We do have good things happening here in Cleveland and the INDIANS are at the top of that list. We are the Center of the Sports Universe after all….

PITCHING!  We’ve got PITCHING ladies and gentlemen!  My good friend JN keeps telling me I don’t really appreciate good pitching because I find a 0-0 duel heading into the 9th inning to be boring as heck. But, I’m trying to find the beauty in that age old one-on-one battle… mano y mano… pitcher vs batter…. staring down the guy that thinks he can hit whatever you throw at him. Well, Kluber and Carrasco showed me this weekend that they’ve got the stuff to hold off an offensive attack and they are doing their part to keep the Tribe in the hunt for October Baseball!


On Saturday, Kluber pitched his third complete game, allowing five hits with zero walks and eight strike outs. He gave up one unearned run in the Tribe victory over the White Sox 3-1.

On Sunday, Carrasco pitched 8 2/3 innings of scoreless baseball allowing four hits with zero walks and eight strikouts. Francona pulled him in the 9th with 2 runners on and Cody Allen came in and threw a 3-pitch save (Whew!) for another victory over the White Sox 2-0 and a series sweep.

See anything in common for these guys? It’s the ZERO WALKS that is really making a difference. Don’t give up easy bases, make them earn the trip to first!  OK now that the boys are on a roll, you can stop worrying about football – until next weekend anyway – and enjoy the Tribe Ride!  And make sure you are wearing your #RallyStache!


Respectfully Submitted,

Cleveland Kate


Browns host Mom's Football Safety Clinic

We’ve all seen the Wide Receiver score a touch down, look into the camera and say Hi MBLOG1om!

We’ve all heard the Hall of Fame speeches where Mom is the most important figure in a young players life.

So it’s only natural that Mom is the first line of defense when it comes to her child’s safety on the football field, or in any sport.

All across the NFL, in conjunction with USA Football, teams are hosting Mom’s Football Safety Clinics. On August 7th, the Cleveland Browns hosted theirs with over 150 Mom’s in attendance. Guest speakers covered the topics of Proper Hydration for athletes, concussions, and a Mom’s role in being the advocate for her child’s safety.


A round table hosteBLOG2d by Dustin Fox featured Vernet Farmer, wife of Browns GM Ray Farmer, and Christine Golic, wife of ESPN talker & former NFL player Mike Golic. They spoke about how they’ve had to keep an eye on their kids, talk to the coaches, and sometimes be the “bad guy” in making sure their kids are doing things the right way.  There were also two doctors speaking on the proper ways to make sure your children stay hydrated and things to watch for that could indicate concussions. Once the Q&A was completed, it was time to hit the field and learn the right way to tackle: Head’s Up, which is directed towards keeping your head away from contact and minimizing injuries.



St. Ignatias football Coach Chuck Kyle and a group of youth football coaching volunteers broke down the right way to tackle for the moms, ran them through drills, and by the end of the day, the ladies were all feeling pretty confident that they could “talk the talk” with their sons about what the should be doing on the field. Sometimes, it’s these little things that open up communication between parents and children and, as a mom, it’s great to feel like I’m not just helpless on the sidelines but that I do have a role to play in my child’s athletic life.

St Ignatius Coach Chuck Kyle




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Cleveland Kate



It's Indians Baseball Season People!

With the All-Star Break coming up, the Tribe is desperately trying to get back to .500 as they face a home stand vs the Yankees and the White Sox.  And while they are only 6 games back in the division, it feels like more and excitement is starting to wane for the Boys of Summer. It doesn’t help that we live in a town that hangs on every rumor about where LBJ will sign or what trouble Josh Gordon and Johnny Manziel are getting into…

But today I would like you to take a moment to remember that IT’S BASEBALL SEASON! It’s the season for cookouts, kids running around the backyard, cold adult beverages and trips to the ball park.  Or a nice comfy seat at home in front of the TV – just watch a game this week! Stop worrying about what the other teams in town are doing to get ready for their seasons and ENJOY the season we have now!

Of course, you’ll need to brace yourself for the defensive errors but be on the lookout for the magical moments. Carlos Santana hit a home run yesterday.  Let me repeat that:  SANTANA HIT A HOME RUN ON SUNDAY! I know, right?  Shocked me!  Just when I think he needs to go away, he surprises me by playing well. This team is capable of those great surprises!


We’ve got Michael Brantley voted into the All-Star Game and Corey Kluber looking for that last roster spot via fan voting. And who knows, if Kluber gets in, he just might crack a smile…


Respectfully Submitted,

Cleveland Kate


Tribe – Home Stand Blues

Well, after worrying myself sick about how the Tribe would do on a brutal road trip it seems I should have been more concerned about their return home.

After working themselves back up to .500 and going 7-13 on the road (whew!) the Boys of Summer returned home this weekend to face the dreaded Detroit Tigers. Now, after sweeping them in May and sending them on an awesome losing skid, it looks like they got their mojo back here this weekend…. Getting swept at home stinks, especially when it’s vs a division rival.

Our bats weren’t exactly cold, after all, as we did manage 4 runs in each of the three games, it’s just that our pitching gave up 6, 5 and 10 trips across home plate to the visiting kitties.  Sigh.  Well, there’s always next week.

What hurts most about the sweep is losing ground in the AL Central. The Tribe is now 5 games back on a 3 game losing streak…. They’ve got today off so let’s hope they can turn things around against the visiting D-backs this week!  Add to that the great attendance numbers we had this weekend and fans fear of the usual “June Swoon” and the boys better get back to winning and QUICKLY!



Don’t forget to cast your All Star Votes for our boys!


Respectfully Submitted,

Cleveland Kate

Our Lake Erie Monsters – The Week in Review #11

Game Notes:

04/13/14            vs Rochester      2-1 SO

Thanks to a great shot by Guillaume Desbiens, the Monsters took the shootout victory 2-1

SOG       LEM 43 ROC 23



04/15/14             vs Hamilton       1-2Monsters 12

G Calvin Pickard had his work cut out for him but our offense just couldn’t provide any support.

SOG       LEM 31 HAM 36



04/18/14            at Grand Rapids               4-2

Woo Hoo!  Goals from JT Wyman, Andrew Agozzino, Colin Smith and Matt Pufahl give the good guys a much needed victory!

SOG       LEM 24 GRG 27


04/19/14            vs Grand Rapids              4-3 SO

I guess we saved up all the offense for the end of the season… goals from David van der Gulik, Troy Bourke and Mitchell Heard send the Monsters to OT and a Shootout with the win coming from  JT Wyman / Brett Clark goals!

SOG       LEM 41 GRG 38


Respectfully Submitted,

Cleveland Kate


Our Lake Erie Monsters – The Week in Review #10

Our Lake Erie Monsters are nearing the end of the season. There are still a few home games left for you to see them in action before the long, boring, hockey-less summer arrives…. and with no hope left of making the playoffs, we’ve got the upcoming week left.


Upcoming Schedule:

04/13/14 vs Rochester Americans               Pucks & Paws: Bring your DOG to the game!

04/15/14 vs  Hamilton Bulldogs                   College ID Night (last home game of the season)

04/18/14 at Grand Rapids Griffins

04/19/14 vs Grand Rapids Griffins             Fan Salute Night, end of the season



Game Notes:

04/06/14           at Texas Stars   1-4

LW David van der Gulik continues to be a bright star on this Monsters team, scoring our lone goal in the losinStarsg effort against the Texas Stars last Sunday. That gives David four goals and seven points in just this past week.  While we were able to stop the Stars on 5 of their 6 power play opportunities, we did not capitalize on a single one of our seven chances.  G Sami Aittokallio stopped 23 SOGs but the Stars proved too much with two goals in the third period to seal the win.

SOG       LEM 31  TEX 27



04/10/14            vs Utica Comets               2-3 OT

Finally!  Our Monsters returned home after this interminable away stretch!  Fans got to see a game that started with a goal for Monster D Brett Clark, end in a 2-2 tie and head off to overtime.  Now, a name like “Pascal Pelletier” may be fun to say but it sucks to hear it announced as he scored a goal just 24 seconds into the overtime period. Sigh.  G Aittokallio fought valiantly in the crease but to no avail…. Our fourth loss in a row.  Sigh again.

SOG       LEM 21 UTC 32



04/11/14             vs Utica Comets               2-3 SO

Our Monsters hit the “Loss Hat Trick” by going down in a shoot-out on Friday night at home.  GCometsoals from LW Michael Schumacher and RW Guillaume Desbiens gave our Monsters a 2-0 lead going into the third period. However (sigh), the Comets came back with two goals in the third to send the game into overtime. After holding them off for the OT period, G Calvin Pickard let a couple pucks get by in the shoot-out to give our Monsters the loss. It doesn’t help Comet G Joe Cannata managed to stop all four of our shoot-out shots.

SOG       LEM 30 UTC 37



While there were a few bright spots this week for van der Gulik and Schumacher, the end result is that our Monsters have been eliminated from the playoffs.  I know they have had a rough season and playoff hopes were slim, but still, I’m a fan of playoff hockey, no matter how unlikely it is that we’ll get the victory.  We’ve got a few games left before the season ends so, if you are a hockey fan like I am, try to get out to the Q before it’s too late!


Respectfully Submitted,

Cleveland Kate


Our Lake Erie Monsters – The Week in Review #9

LEM9The season is winding down and the end of a horrible Road Trip is at hand…. One more game today at Texas and then our Monsters return home for a week.  Hopefully, the return home will also signal their return to winning games. While they started the week off with a win, they racked up two back-to-back losses and I’m hoping the home crowd energy will get them back on track.


Upcoming Schedule:

04/06/14           at Texas Stars

04/10/14            vs Utica Comets               Thirsty Thursday/College ID Night

04/11/14             vs Utica Comets               Autism Awareness Night / Dollar Dogs / Postgame Skate

04/13/14            vs Rochester Americans               Pucks & Paws (bring your dog to the game!)



Game Notes:

04/01/14            at San Antonio Rampage             5-3

After struggling for most of the year on power play opportunities, our Monsters took advantage of three… THREE…. last Tuesday to propel them past the San Antonio Rampage. After losing three in a row, this win helped keep the guys pumped up amidst a two-week long road trip. Goals came from LW Michael Schumacher, C Mike Sgarbossa, D Stefan Elliott, C Joey Hishon and D Karl Stollery.  In the net, G Sami Aittokallio gave up three goals but held on for the win.

SOG       LEM 34 SAR 31



04/04/14           at Texas Stars                   1-5

Alas, Friday night turned out to be Brett Ritchie night in Texas as he put the puck in the net four times for a Hat Trick +1, leading Texas to a resounding victory over our Monsters… and a very tough night in the crease for G Sami Aittokallio. Our Monsters lone goal came from LW Andrew Agozzino in the first period and then, apparently, our offense took the rest of the night off.  Sigh.

SOG       LEM 30 TEX 32



04/05/14            at San Antonio Rampage             0-3

“Monsters Blanked in San Antonio.”  That’s the headline on the LEM website.  BLANKED.  GEEZ!  I think this long road trip has taken a toll on the guys… just one more road game and then it’s back to Home Sweet Home!  G Calvin Pickard had a rough night in the net but with only 26 shots on goal, you have to wonder where his teammates went….

SOG       LEM 26 SAR 30


Since baseball season is officially underway, I will leave you with this…. Our Monsters are “rounding third and headed for home,”  both physically and metaphorically.  Road game today and then home for a week and, with only seven games left in the season, we’re almost done.  Playoff hopes were dashed by these last few games so hopefully we’ll have good hockey to watch this last week to hold us over during the off season… (Hey – a girl can dream!)


Respectfully Submitted,

Cleveland Kate


Our Lake Erie Monsters – The Week in Review #8

After a win at home last Sunday, our Monsters headed out onto a brutal two week road trip.  Things have not been going well since they left home with a couple tough shoot-out loses and we’re only halfway through. With just 10 games remaining in the season, they can’t afford to lose any more games.


Upcoming Schedule:

04/01/14            at San Antonio

04/04/14           at Texas

04/05/14            at San Antonio

04/06/14           at Texas


Game Notes:

03/23/14            vs Rochester Americans               3-0 Sami

RW Guillaume Desbiens was the hero of  Sunday afternoon with the game winning goal in our Monsters 3-0 win over Rochester.  This game was also the second shut-out in a row for G Sami Aittokallio which earned him CCM/AHL Player of the Week honors!!!!

SOG       LEM 24   ROC 23



03/26/14            at Chicago                                           5-6 SO

The road trip started well enough; the Monsters couldn’t hold a 4-3 lead in the final period and the Checkers tied it up. No one scored in OT sending the game to a Shoot Out, which Chicago won.  David van der Gulik scored twice in the game but couldn’t get anything done in the SO and the Monsters left with a loss.

SOG       LEM 35   CHI 34



03/28/14            at Milwaukee                                    3-4Monster

Friday night saw the return of D Markus Lauridsen to the ice after an injury, and a first period goal for his troubles…. Also adding goals were C Mark Olver and LW Andrew Agozzino but it was too little too late and they lose their second game in a row.  This also marked the end of their five-game point streak.

SOG       LEM 24   MIL 31



03/29/14            at Chicago                                           4-5 SO

Apparently, this is David van der Gulik’s week…. His goal on Saturday night set the record for most goals scored by a Monster (56) but it wasn’t enough to get the win for our Monsters. Mark Olver, C Troy Bourke and LW Michael Schumacher also added goals but that just sent the game into OT with a 4-4 tie. Naturally, a shoot-out ensued (because that’s how things have been going lately) and the Checkers attack was too much for G Calvin Pickard, giving up 2 goals and the loss. C Joey Hishon scored the lone shoot-out goal for us, so there’s that….

SOG       LEM 19                   CHI 50


With so few games remaining, our Monsters hopes of a playoff berth are shrinking to almost non-exixtent. Now, mathematically, it could still happen… 10 games left, 8 points behind Chicago…. But really…. Their defense gave up 50 shots on Saturday night.  FIFTY SHOTS!  OY! I’m not counting them out yet but I’m also not flying to Vegas and  putting any money on them either…


Respectfully Submitted,

Cleveland Kate


Our Lake Erie Monsters – The Week in Review #7

There’s been a whole lotta scorin’ going on at the Q this week – and I’m not talking about the Cavs. (ha ha ha). The Monsters have been home and, after a tough shoot-out on Wednesday, went on a scoring free-for-all Friday night to cruise into the weekend on a high note. Hopefully, they’ll keep up their winning ways on Sunday afternoon vs Rochester before hitting the road for some tough games.


Upcoming Schedule:

03/23/14            vs Rochester Americans  – Kid’s Day (kids eat free, Castaway Bay Day Passes)

03/26/14            at Chicago Wolves

03/28/14            at Milwaukee Admirals

03/29/14            at Chicago Wolves



Game Notes:

03/19/14           vs Toronto Marlies          3-4 (SO)


One of the most thrilling games of the season ended in a shoot-out loss for the good guys. Lead changes and great goal play saw the Monsters and the Marlies head into OT… and eventually the shoot-out.  Unfortunately, Smith and D’Amigo were able to get to G Calvin Pickard while Toronto’s netminder, Garrett Sparks, blocked us at every turn and the Marlies got the win.  Sigh.

SOG: LEM 33 TOR 30



03/21/14            vs Rochester Americans      5-0


Sporting their Pink-The-Rink uniforms, it was nice to watch the visiting Rochester Americans take another beating from our Monsters (I know, not nice, but still very true).  Friday night’s game was exactly what the Hockey Doc ordered… 39 shots, five goals and 15 points… Woo Hoo!  What’s not to like?  Hats off to our scorers of the night: C Mark Olver, rookie C Troy Bourke, LW Michael Schumacher, and (2) RW J. T. Wyman.  Excellent night for G Sami Aittokallio as well!




I know it felt like a really short week, but there’s tons of action still left in the season. This upcoming road trip includes four games and lost of action for Monster fans to catch on TV this week.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cleveland Kate