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What Should Goodell Do About Pryor?

I have never been a fan of Terrelle Pryor.  Before you say it, my issue with Pryor has nothing to do with his talent or the fact that I cheer for the team up north rather than bleed the scarlet and gray as my home state of Ohio does.  My dislike of Pryor is because of Pryor’s air of entitlement – a guy that thinks rules are for everyone else and I thought that long before his problems with the NCAA. 

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Miami Problems Worse Than What Happened At Ohio State

By Ryan Isley

One of the biggest stories of 2011 involved alcohol, night clubs, strip joints, parties and prostitutes – and it was not even about Charlie Sheen.

By now, you have all read the story on Yahoo! sports about the University of Miami football program involving booster Nevin Shapiro, or have at least heard all of the allegations stemming from it. While this is obviously not the first scandal to hit college football this year, it is the largest and could possibly be the one that brings the most sanctions. Not only does it involve more serious activities than the others, but it also involves a larger scope of players – at least 72 according to Yahoo! sports.

The story involved players receiving money, gifts, nights out on the town, private parties (be it on a yacht or in a strip club), prostitutes (paid for by Shapiro) and even cash rewards for bounties placed on players on opposing teams (Chris Rix of Florida State and Tim Tebow of Florida, to name two). Considering that these were all college-aged kids, there was also no doubt illegal underage drinking going on as well, at the very least.

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Bruce Feldman Suspension Further Erodes ESPN Credibility

Thursday Sports by Brooks reported that ESPN had suspended Bruce Feldman indefinitely, and today Awful Announcing wrote up an article killing ESPN for the punishment.  I’m new to the Awful Announcing readership, but after today, I’m hooked. 

Here’s the step by step breakdown of what happened before and after the release of Mike Leach’s book Swing Your Sword from the Awful Announcing article:

1) As background, Mike Leach enters into a feud with ESPN college football analyst Craig James over a controversy involving Craig’s son Adam.
2) Bruce Feldman helps Mike Leach write his book, Swing Your Sword, including comments about the James controversy and ESPN’s possible role in hyping, twisting, and let’s just say making up and promulgating lies about the Adam James controversy.
3) Bruce Feldman, and this is important now, receives permission from ESPN to participate in Leach’s book.  You’ll see why this is crucial in a second.
4) Excerpts of Leach’s book are published incriminating Craig James and others in the Leach controversy.
5) Feldman is indefinitely suspended for participating in Leach’s book.
7) #FreeBruce and Bruce Feldman are now trending on Twitter as the internet, media, and any person with one shred of decency or common sense realizes the travesty that ESPN pulled…

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Not a Dull Monday For Ohio State

By Ryan Isley

Everywhere you turned on Monday, Ohio State football was in the news. Blame the NFL lockout, the NBA lockout, the MLB All-Star break, but for whatever reason the Buckeyes seemed to be the hot topic of the day for different reasons.

Vrabel Named Assistant Coach:

Former Buckeye Mike Vrabel retired from the NFL after about a week of speculation to join Luke Fickell’s staff at Ohio State, where he will coach the linebackers. Vrabel knows a little something about what it takes to play in the stout Ohio State defense, winning the Big Ten defensive lineman of the year award in both 1995 and 1996 and was named to the Ohio State football All-Century team in 2000.

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Ohio State’s Vacated Wins Won’t Be Enough, And It Still Won’t Matter

In response to the NCAA’s investigation of the Ohio State Buckeyes memorabilia-for-cash scandal, the university said Friday that it will be vacating all wins from 2010, including its co-Big Ten Championship and the Sugar Bowl victory over Arkansas.  In addition, the university is putting the football program on probation for two years, changing ex-coach Jim Tressel’s official status from resigned to retired and waiving the $250,000 fine that Tressel was hit with in the wake of the cover-up.

There remains a very strong possibility that the NCAA is going to hand down additional penalties to Ohio State.  Not only can the NCAA put the university on its own probation, but it can take away scholarships and ban Ohio State from bowl games.

No matter what happens between now and the start of the season, none of it really matters.

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When It Comes To Pryor, Fickell Made The Right Decision

It was like any other press conference given by a head football coach at The Ohio State University in the last decade – there was a grey backdrop with the Ohio State logo, a microphone flag that was painted in the same scheme as an Ohio State helmet and a well-dressed coach standing at the podium answering questions.

There was one major difference on Monday afternoon, however, as it was not Jim Tressel behind the microphone. It was Luke Fickell, who steps into a situation as the head coach of the Buckeyes that will be as tenuous as any since Earle Bruce replaced Woody Hayes in the 1979 season.

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