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16: You Got Too Much Porn, Bro!

Damien (@damienbowman) and Dan (@CommonmanDZ) are back together after nearly a year to talk about Apple’s Fall 20155 announcement (iPad Pro, Apple TV, and iPhone). Dan quickly (not so fast) talks about Apple Music/Beats and has a quick discussion with Damien about iOS content blockers and Internet advertising.


  • Apple 2015 Fall Event
  • Phones to buy
  • Difference between iPhone generations
  • Dan wants Apple to buy Time Warner Cable
  • 3D Touch explained. Kind of.
  • Apple Upgrade Plan
  • Apple Music/Beats 1
  • Content Blockers, Digital Publishers and their Advertisements

15: I’m Impressed Your Mom Can Send Stuff to the Xbox

Damien (@damienbowman) is joined by Hobie Henning (@HuntHenning) and the two cover various topics including Windows 10, Office 365, Apple Watch, Project Spartan, and Hobie’s love (#sarcasm) of OneDrive for Business.

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Paul Thurrott (@thurrott)

Mary Jo Foley (@maryjofoley)

Marques Lyons (@troboneforehire)

Gabe Aul (@gabeaul)

14: I’m Proud of Microsoft, They’re Finally Fixing The Worst Part of Windows

Damien (@damienbowman) and Dan (@commonmandz) are back after another long break. There’s deep discussion about Apple’s quality control, Windows 10, Spartan, Cortana, and Halo. Dan gives us an update on all the new websites he’s designed, and Damien ties to talk him into Squarespace.

13: iOS 8: I’ll Format and Reinstall, Just Like Windows

Dan and Damien are back after an extended break. Damien talks about his weekend in Indy, including the percentage of Macs in the room, move on to discussion about U2, the iPhone 6, Minecraft and how much you pay for your phone.

The Players

Damien Bowman (@damienbowman)

Dan Zaleski (@commonmandz)

12: Dan Can’t Say ‘Lenovo’

Damien and Dan talk about Northeast Ohio’s terrible weather, Microsoft they new CEO, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Then there’s an intense conversation about where Microsoft makes its money. Was Sony Apple before Apple? And finally, Dan cannot say ‘Lenovo’. Oh, and there’s 20 minutes after the show all about iPad Pro, cloud sync, and Dan’s homework.

11: I Talked Dan Into a Fourth Column

After a long break, Dan and Damien are back with the first episode of 2014. In it, they discuss net neutrality and how it affects you, iPhone 6 rumors, and Microsoft’s quarterly earnings.


How net neutrality shenanigans could put the hurt on Netflix

Reed Hasting’s Netflix Shareholder Letter [PDF]

Will Netflix be the savior of net neutrality? Or a fifth column?

The wrong words: how the FCC lost net neutrality and could kill the internet

Apple eyes two bigger displays for iPhone, another report says

Don’t Believe the Latest iPhone 6 Screen Size Rumors

Microsoft reports record $24B quarterly results, doubled Surface revenue

Jimmy Fallon tries to hide his Mac from Bill Gates

The Nerds:

Dan Zaleski (@Commonmandz) Editor, More Than a Fan Cleveland (@MTAFCleveland) –

Damien Bowman (@damienbowman) Managing Editor, More Than a Fan (@MTAFSports) –

9: 2013 Holiday Geek Gift Guide

Damien and Dan talk about what each would like to see under their Christmas tree next Wednesday.

Dan’s Picks:

Damien’s Picks

Damien Bowman (@damiEnbowman)

Dan Zaleski (@CommonmanDZ)

8: Damien’s iPhone Review and Dan’s Twitter Conundrum

Dan talks to Damien about his iPhone experience and the two then talk about Tweetbot vs. Twitter for iOS.

Damien’s iPhone and iOS 7 thoughts

Dan’s Pick of the Week – Find Unfollowers On Twitter Pro Damien’s Pick of the Week – by Dark Sky

Tweetbot by Tapbots

The Players

Damien Bowman (@damienbowman) – webpage

Dan Zaleski (@CommonmanDZ) – webpage


7: Damien’s Named After a Saint

Damien and Dan are back, and they discuss the rumors surrounding the future of Windows RT, Apple’s blacklist, and a should have been after-hours conversation about customer support. Yes, Damien IS named after a saint.

The Players

Damien Bowman (@damienbowman)

Dan Zaleski (@CommonmanDZ)