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The LaVar Ball Problem

LaVar Ball is known to say and do outlandish things.

I don’t need to list them because his media presence is pervasive to the point overkill, but I will for the sake of highlighting it all in one spot:

  1. He’s called out Kyrie Irving for not having a mother (she died when he was 4).
  2. He’s maligned and threatened a female reporter (on national TV).
  3. He’s maligned a sports journalist for his weight (on national TV).
  4. He’s begun the marketing campaign for a $500 shoe for an unproven rookie while simultaneously insulting 95% of the market by saying “If you can’t afford it, we don’t want you; you’re obviously not a big baller” (paraphrased).

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Our Kids are Champions

Cleveland had just won its first championship in 52 years. LeBron James, exhausted after three games of cementing his legacy, of chiseling away at the foundation of Michael Jordan’s mythology, slumped on the floor at Oracle Arena. The room I was in was dark, but I could hear my neighbors screaming, I didn’t move, but my heart was jumping in my chest.

I was thinking about everything and nothing. I didn’t know what to do. At some point, in this euphoric stupor, I got a text from a friend.

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The State of Sports Media

In light of the recent firings at ESPN, where the sports network fired nearly every respectable member of their team in favor of their “Highly Questionable” team of yellers and thoughtless pontificators, now seems as good a time as any to have a look at the way sports media works (or doesn’t work). Even though the events of a few weeks ago are a good hammer blow to the way things should be, I think we all have to admit that these changes are not drastic, and have been a long time coming. Why is that? Is it really just that ESPN was bloated with staff, and the market did not require them? Is Disney squeezing them to be a leaner outfit? Does Disney/ESPN really think that what they’ve left us with (watered down SportsCenter, First Take, Outside the Lines, and Dan Le Batard) is what the people want?

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