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Missouri Tigers Drink Jumbos – kansas jayhawks Sip from Shot Glasses

Do you want to know what attribute makes a college football program a PROGRAM? Going to a BCS bowl game. At least that is what makes a program a PROGRAM in the collective mind of the kansas jayhawk (they don’t deserve to be capitalized) football fan base.

On what seems like a daily basis, some ku yahoo hops on twitter to preach about the virtues of the ku football program being superior to Missouri’s football program. And do you want to know what their argument revolves around? That’s right, the 2007 BCS Orange Bowl appearance that ku bought…I mean, earned.

For starters, Missouri has been to a total of 4 Orange Bowls in the history of their program while ku has been to a total 3. In the mind of ku fans, the only one that matters is the 2007 one because that Orange Bowl has “BCS” next to it. Let’s talk about that 2007 season.

Both ku and MU had fantastic seasons in 2007. Missouri went 12-2 and ku went 12-1. With the Big 12 North title on the line, Missouri beat ku 36-28. Not only that, but this victory vaulted Missouri to the number 1 ranking and earned them a trip to the conference championship game. A trip to the national championship was on the line when Missouri ultimately lost to Oklahoma in that conference championship game.

We need a quick recap: Missouri was ranked number 1 in the country and was a game away from the national championship game. Buuuut……ku fans believe not only that their team had the superior season, but also that they have the better overall football program historically, based on “BCS.”


Let’s go to the mattresses on this one.

kansas had a great season, but that does not trump the historical comparative numbers between the jayhawks and Tigers. ku’s all time bowl record is 6-6. Missouri’s all time bowl record is 15-16. Yes, that is correct, Missouri has won more bowl games than ku has been to in the history of the jayhawk program. In the history of their program, ku football is 30 games below .500 while Missouri is 129 games above .500.

Since their program-defining BCS bowl game, you know, the one that was going to vault them to national prominence, ku has a 25% winning percentage and that includes a completely win-less 2015 season. Missouri, on the other hand, has won 65% of their games since 2007. You remember that 2007 season. It was the one that made Missouri football irrelevant in the mind of jayhawks everywhere.

Since 2007, ku has used up 4 head coaches. They may still be paying most, if not all of them. Missouri is getting ready to hire their second head coach and it’s only because Gary Pinkel chose to retire after winning 118 games. I’ll take wins. jayhawks can have their oranges.

But ku fans everywhere believe Missouri fans should bow their head in shame when comparing football programs.

Do you want to know what else came out of that 2007 season for Missouri? National respectability. Yes, Lew Perkins bought an Orange Bowl appearance for ku, but Mike Alden negotiated something even better. Alden negotiated the Tigers out of the Big 12 and into the SEC. Without 2007, I don’t believe that happens.

David Beaty appears to be a solid coach for ku.  In Beaty’s team I see  one that is well coached. The problem is that ku is about 20 scholarships short and lacks any semblance of talent. I believe Beaty even made a comment after arriving at ku that the program looked like it was coming off of probation. To make matters worse, Beaty had to go door-to-door handing out free tickets to ku home games.

But to the ku fans, this doesn’t matter. They just continue to carpe orange.

I don’t care who Missouri hires to replace Gary Pinkel- they will not go winless next season. They won’t go winless in a far superior conference because the Tigers have the better program. Missouri could scrape the bottom of the juicer and hire David Beaty, and Beaty wouldn’t go win-less at Missouri next season.

Go ahead ku, continue to sip from your shot glass of orange juice. Missouri is content being more than just a sip of juice. Gary Pinkel and Mike Alden poured the Tigers a jumbo.

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State of the Union: University of Kansas Football

Growing up in a predominantly KU family was fun because of the following:


1)      I learned that I would rather be a Wildcat

2)      There was highly competitive football and basketball in the Big 12

3)      Roy Williams

4)      Mark Mangino

5)      Mizzou Rivalry

6)      Nebraska Rivalry

7)      I got to have the experience of being disowned by my family for attending K-State

8)      The mockery that is now KU football

So looking at that list, the whole being disowned thing is obviously not true. However, if you scan the list of reasons why being raised by a pack of crybaby wolves, I mean KU fans, was fun… most of those reasons no longer exist on the KU spectrum. Mainly the “great football” part, the former exciting coaches, and the rivalries that are no more are the most glaringly obvious things that were fun and no longer exist. As a Kansas State fan, hopeful soon to be alumni, and Big-12 advocate, I am extremely annoyed by the lack of well-rounded athletic program offered by KU. I can’t argue about the Big 12’s strength if we have 10 teams and only 9 have been challenging opponents the last few years.

Sure, I could be amongst the people that hate on the Jayhawks because they are arrogant, cocky and usually have a separate favorite college football team. I could wish them to never ever win another game ever again. But what good would that do? I need KU to step it the hell up and start playing better football and stop relying on a coach to come in for one season, turn the program around and destroy every team on the schedule.

We all know that KU is not good at losing. They are used to being adored, admired and feared. That’s because they have Bill Self and the undeniably talented group of young men that he brings in year after year. Do I think KU is a bit of a puppy mill for the NBA? Sure. But that won’t change anytime soon and at least the Big 12 gets credit for their college success.

However, I want KU to be fun to play against in football like they used to be

2005 season: a Fort Worth Bowl victory

2007 season: an Orange Bowl victory

2008 season: an Insight Bowl victory

2009 season: Mangino is allegedly violent and rude to players and is asked to leave.

Enter Turner Gill.

Exit Turner Gill.

Enter Charlie Weis.

Exit Charlie Weis.

KU fired Mark Mangino, only coach that had a winning record since 1953, and replaced him with two duds. Could they have done more with more time? Doubtful. Charlie Weis tried to use Snyder’s method of recruiting from the JuCo level and failed. Charlie Weis helped the team prepare for a win by openly talking about practicing winning a football game. Visionary, but failed to execute that technique to win very many games and ended up making them (once again) the laughing stock of college football. The old idea of “act like you’ve been there before” was lost on Weis. This is no surprise to anyone who has followed Charlie Weis’ career. The guy was on a downward spiral and KU seemed to be his resting place. Now that he can retire comfortably, KU needs to find someone that conveys the discipline and attitude that they expect out of their athletes. They need someone that they can commit to and not just fire after a couple of bad years and see their first recruiting class to their senior year. They basically need a miracle.

The Big-12 needs to convey power, balance and strength of schedule.


Every year that we have Kansas sucking so badly in football, it becomes harder and harder to convey this image. Luckily for the Big 12, the former powerhouse known as the Big 10 has slipped down the rankings of a solid and intimidating conference and we have been able to slide into the top 3. I still don’t believe the Pac 12 is anything to get excited about, but that is due to my long term ignorance that will not change anytime soon. The Big 12 has been able to pride itself on being solid overall in football and basketball through the years and being able to transition their fan base from exciting conference football with multiple teams in bowl games come January to exciting conference basketball and multiple teams being in the NCAA tournament by March.
Get back to the basics in recruiting; get guys that have the brain, the brute strength and the passion to play football for KU. Tell the boosters to chill and give it some time and maybe a coach can stick around. With time, patience and getting back to the roots of building a college football team from the ground up, the Kansas Jayhawks will rise back to a competitive level in the Big 12. This will be an excellent weekend to win a game against their former coach, Mark Mangino, as the Iowa State Cyclones (also 2-6) come marching into Lawrence. The game is an even keeled match and could give Kansas a conference win that would shift the momentum in their football program to a positive place.


After all, the best thing that Mangino left KU with was his trademark comment, “keep sawin’ wood.”