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March Madness Is Upon Us

There is a commonly held belief that we don’t see what is right in front of our face. Our own city is a primary example of this belief. If you saw your own city as a tourist destination, I bet you would experience more of what your home base has to offer. My city and how I view it is not the exception.

I’ve lived in Kansas City since 2001. In that time, the city has added many new attractions and improved on what it already had to offer. The National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame and its adjoined The College Basketball Experience (CBE) are two of those attractions.

The CBE opened its doors on October 10, 2007. I made a trip there after it first opened and hadn’t been back since that time. So when it was suggested as a destination for a work event, I was actually excited.

For a college sports fan, it is one of the best places that I can imagine. The facility offers interactive activities ranging from a full basketball court to play on as well as pop a shot pods and a booth to have slam dunk competitions on. Yes, the goals are short enough for 5’9″ finance industry professionals to dunk on.

In addition to these features, the facility also includes the hall of fame. The walls are adorned with a history of the college game. That history is consistently updated according to what happened in the current year.


I can’t think of a better location for the CBE considering the rich college basketball tradition in Kansas City. Long before the Sprint Center was built, KC had Municipal Auditorium. Municipal was built in 1935 and hosted three of the first four Final Fours. My favorite Municipal Final Four story has nothing at all to do with an actual game, but rather how someone attended the 1954 Final Four.

IMG_1097 (2)

Former head coach Eddie Sutton was eighteen and living in Stillwater, OK. Coach Sutton hitchhiked to KC, bought a ticket for $5 and wathched LaSalle cut down the nets. A lot has changed in college sports since 1954 but KC being a hot bed of college basketball has not been one of those changes.

College basketball is something that I enjoy. But as a Missouri Tiger fan, my overall interest has fallen off recently. You can probably cut me some slack on this especially since we’re in the SEC now. You know, where football is king. This weekend was the first time this season that I started to feel excited about what lies ahead. Maybe it was because the Tiger’s season is finally winding to an end. Maybe it was because I really sat down and watched some good games; I’m looking at you Kansas/Texas. Maybe it was because I was geared up about my return trip to the CBE. No matter the reason, i’m all in for the 2015 NCAA tournament.

With that said, please stay tuned to cfbroundtable.com. I promise you’ll see some great college basketball coverage that will also include podcast content. And to stay true to the NCAA Tournament, we’ll have a bracket contest. You’ll want to stay tuned to our twitter feed for that; @CFBRoundtable.