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Playoffs? Is College Football Really Talking About Playoffs?

The BCS has possibly finally figured it out.  For years fans have been begging for a playoff system in the largest sport in collegiate athletics.  But the NCAA has always given poor excuses as to why it can’t have such an event.  Although the event is played perfectly on the 1-AA level.  And outside of football, College Basketball and Baseball hold incredible end of the season tournaments, where the most casual of fans find time to tune in.

For years I believe the NCAA was afraid that it would take away focus from the smaller bowls and may even lose money for some of the bigger bowls.  Considering that the entire bowl season has gotten absolutely ridiculous and is losing more credibility each and every year, something had to be done.  After all, there is no reason that a 6-6 team should be eligible to play in a bowl game.  Not to mention it seems like all you need is a couple hundred bucks of funding to get a bowl anymore.  While we’re at it, not sure it would take much to introduce the “MORETHANAFAN.NET Powered by Omaha Gas and Electric with White Castle Bowl.”  Continue reading Playoffs? Is College Football Really Talking About Playoffs?

Akron Needs to Bring an End to the Rob Ianello Era

by Ryan Isley

It hasn’t been a good week for the University of Akron football team. Who am I kidding? I t hasn’t been a good two years. Following Thursday night’s 35-3 embarrassment at the hands of Miami (Oh), the Zips are now 2-19 under Rob Ianello, with the only win this season coming against FCS opponent VMI.

Last season, I expressed my frustration with the hiring of Ianello after the Zips started 0-5 and then again after they lost to Kent State. Once Akron started 0-11, it was apparent to me that Ianello was not making any progress with the team but he still felt that the team was on the verge of clicking.

Akron beat Buffalo to end the 2010 season to give a little bit of hope that the 2011 season would be different. I even thought that Ianello would have a more successful season after getting that first one under his belt.

I couldn’t have been more wrong – the 2011 season has been just as bad as the 2010 season, if not worse.

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