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The Lakers’ Major League Collapse

Movie quotes are a form of friendship identification for me. If I spout off a line from “Tommy Boy” and you have no idea what I am talking about, we have to re-evaluate the grounds of our relationship. The sports movie that I most quote is a comedic classic with top-notch actors and great plot. “Major League” is the comedic sports movie EVERY person should watch when able. It has everything. Loveable losers, villainous owners and hijinks abound make this a great watch any time (only on channels allowing swearing, the PG version is lame). There is a team in the NBA that reminds me of the lovable Cleveland Indians of “Major League”, but without the winning. The LA Lakers are going nowhere fast and have a cast of characters worthy of a movie script. The line from “Major League” that pops into my mind when thinking of the Lakers this season is “a bunch of has-beens and never was.” This describes the Lakers roster minus a couple players. Let me break down this analysis cast member by cast member.

Kobe Bryant as Jake Taylor
Jake is the older, injured catcher leading a team with emotion and smarts. He solves problems in the clubhouse no coach or admin wants to touch. Kobe is the older, injured leader of the Lakers. Both Kobe and Jake’s bodies are falling apart and they are ready to walk away from the game. Kobe is trying to have fun with a young team and lead them while not wanting to kill everyone for not being better. The flaw in this comparison is everyone likes Jake.

Jordan Clarkson as Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn
Ricky is a raw talent. He has control issues and doesn’t always fit in. His talent needs guidance and when he gets it he is a true star. Jordan Clarkson is a second round pick (by the Wizards) that flashed stardom last year and was named first team all-rookie. Despite his rookie year success Jordan doesn’t fit in with this team. The Indians featured Ricky the next year, the Lakers are pushing Kobe and Deangelo Russell combo. This could be a huge mistake for the Lakers moving forward.

Roy Hibbert as Roger Dorn
Roger Dorn is a veteran third baseman with an inflated sense of self. He is also deathly scared of using his body to make a play at third. A fear he conquers and becomes a valuable asset and cornerstone to winning. Roy Hibbert is a veteran big man with an inflated sense of self and fear of getting dirty in the post. He is the tallest player on the court most days and isn’t even the rebounding leader on his own team (Julius Randle has him beat by nearly 3.5 rebounds per game). Similar to Dorn, if Hibbert can learn to clang and bang on the inside he would be a valuable part of the Lakers and their rebuilding.

Julius Randle as Pedro Cerrano
Pedro Cerrano is the hot-headed power hitter with a hole in his swing. He can only hit the fastball and looks to everything from Jesus, voodoo and golf head covers to help. When he figures out the solution to his deficiency is in him he becomes the terror the Indians need. Julius Randle is not a one trick pony like Pedro is, but he hasn’t figured out pacing, team basketball or how to fit in quite yet. Julius was taken out of a game recently (after 16 minutes of total playing time) and was not a fan. This led his coach, Byron Scott to say, “He’s got to grow up. Simple as that. I think the main thing I don’t like is when you take him out of games, how he reacts sometimes. I chalk it up to immaturity and just being inexperienced in this level. It’s going to happen again. I’m going to take him out of other games that he’s not going to like.” Similar to Pedro, Julius can be the terror they need. He has the talent and the aggressiveness Hibbert is missing. He just needs to understand his role and the solution is in him.

Jim Buss as Rachel Phelps
Rachel Phelps is the owner of the Indians. She wants to move them to Florida and tries to sabotage the team so they lose value and must move. The team rallies around her plan and wins despite her. Jim Buss is in charge of basketball operations for the Lakers. He doesn’t want the Lakers to move, he isn’t purposely putting a poor product on the court and the team is definitely not rallying despite him. He is the person in charge of this group of has-beens and never-was and that is a good enough reason to cast him in this role. “Major League” is a great movie. It is funny, exciting and lively. The Lakers are…not any of these things and if they don’t land a free agent to pull them out of their current state the sequel will not be worth watching.

My Two Cents on The Mudsummer Classic, the Akron Aeros and Mothers & Sons

by Ryan Isley

Well, this certainly was a busy week in sports.

There were multiple Ohio State football players in the news, with investigations pending that could affect the upcoming season. There was a major suspension in baseball due to PED use, with more certain to come. The New York Yankees and Alex Rodriguez continued their ridiculous soap opera. Aaron Hernandez was back in court, and a photo that seems to be pretty bad for his defense surfaced.

And oh yeah, the Indians started the second half of the season 2-4 and the Browns started training camp. If you follow me on Twitter, you know my feelings on those two stories and their relationship to each other.

Anyway, on to this week’s topics for My Two Cents:

On “Mudsummer Classic”:

When NASCAR announced last November that they were going to bring a NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race to Eldora Speedway to race on the dirt, there is no way they could have foreseen the success of the race. While fans seemed excited when the announcement was made, NASCAR had to be cautiously optimistic until the race actually happened.

Other than making this an actual points race for the season, I thought NASCAR handled this race and the format perfectly. Having the five qualifying races plus the last chance race to set the field for the main event had the feel of what happens at tracks all around the country every weekend.

The race was so much fun for racing fans to watch, as could be told by the number of tweets that were blowing up my timeline on Twitter Wednesday night. The tweets weren’t just from normal fans, either. There were numerous tweets from NASCAR Nationwide Series and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers throughout the evening as well.

Speed Channel also announced that this was their highest-rated race all season, eclipsing even the truck race at Daytona. How rare is that? Eight of the 10 highest rated truck races have been at Daytona, with the ninth one being at Talladega. That means of the ten highest rated races, nine were at superspeedways and one was on a dirt track on a Wednesday night.

Now, it is time for NASCAR to take my suggestion and have the Sprint Cup Series race in a Monday night…

On The Akron Aeros:

While the main point of minor league baseball is for players to work their way to the Major Leagues, the goal of the team is to make the game as fan-friendly as possible. This is exactly what new Akron Aeros owner Ken Babby and his team did a couple of weeks ago on Saturday, July 13.

The Aeros had planned a night with Corbin Bernsen in which the team was giving away a Roger Dorn Snow Globe to the first 1,000 fans, Dorn being the player that Bernsen portrayed in the Major League movie trilogy. Unfortunately, the Aeros were informed on the afternoon of the game that the snow globes were not able to be delivered in time for them to give the fans their giveaway.

The team acted quickly, making it right for the fans by offering those who would have received a snow globe a ticket for the next day’s game, in which they would be able to get their giveaway. They also gave these fans an 8×10 glossy of Bernsen as Dorn to get signed, as Bernsen signed autographs for fans in the second inning. The team made sure to make it clear to fans what was happening, posting plenty of signs around the outside of the stadium.

When I tweeted a question to the Aeros to inquire if fans who were in line Saturday couldn’t return on Sunday would be able to still acquire their snow globe, they quickly sent me a direct message and said I could pick it up anytime in the coming week at the stadium. In fact, they decided to give fans two weeks to pick up their snow globes to ensure that those who were there in time were given every opportunity to get one.

Under Babby, it seems that the Aeros are focusing on doing whatever it takes to make sure the fans are satisfied. And isn’t that what minor league baseball is all about anyway?

About Mothers & Sons:

It is funny how things happen sometimes.

I have had the ESPN “Nine for IX” episode about Pat Summitt (Pat XO) on my DVR for weeks and on Wednesday of this week, I decided to finally sit down and watch it. Little did I know that by the end of the hour, I would be reaching for the tissues to wipe away tears.

Let me explain…

This Saturday would have been my mom’s birthday. As those of you who have read my work on here or follow me on Twitter or know me personally, you know my mom passed away two years ago this past February. I have written about what she meant to me and about the relationship we had.

This brings me back the Pat Summitt story. It was told through the eyes of those who know her best, but also through the eyes of her son, Tyler. The main focus is Tyler and Pat sitting on a couch going through a scrapbook with Tyler helping his mom remember all of the memories from her career.

You see, Pat Summitt has been diagnosed with early onset dementia.

Watching the relationship between Tyler and Pat reminded me of the one I had with my mom, especially over her last couple of years. You have the sense that Tyler would drop anything to help out Pat when she needs him, the same way I was willing to do so for my mom. There is just something to be said about relationships like that. It goes beyond being mother and son and becomes a friendship.

While I have always respected Pat Summitt, because of this show, I have a newfound respect for Ross Tyler Summitt as well.

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