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The Cleveland Indians Unlikely Ace

The Cleveland Indians portion of the Major League Baseball season is 33 days and 22 games old. That’s nothing, a proverbial drop in the bucket. There will be regular season baseball until a home stand against the Chicago White Sox that ends on October 3rd.

The 2012 season may be in its infancy, but a lot has happened in 33 days. Bryce Harper is a certifiable baseball player, Albert Pujols is mashing his way to the MVP terrible, and Bobby Valentine is taking over in Boston where Bill Buckner left off.

Another thing that’s happened in the first 33 days of Indians baseball is the emergence of an ace on the pitching staff. Only, the ace I’m talking about isn’t the guy we all had in mind a month ago. It’s Derek Lowe. Continue reading The Cleveland Indians Unlikely Ace

Indians Make Quick Moves on Sizemore, Carmona and Lowe

It is only November 1st and, in just two moves yesterday, Indians GM Chris Antonetti has already set the 2012 starting Indians rotation and set the tone for the rest of the offseason.  In yesterday’s moves, the Indians exercised the $7 million team option on Fausto Carmona and acquired RHP Derek Lowe from the Atlanta Braves. The Indians also declined to exercise the $9 million option on Grady Sizemore, making the outfielder eligible for free agency. Antonetti, in his press conference yesterday, indicated that the Indians were not done yet, stating that they were  looking to upgrade both the outfield and first base during the offseason.

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