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Nothing Minor About These Promotions

The largest struggle for a minor league baseball club is often not having enough attendance revenue.  These clubs have years of experience dealing with the ever changing lineups that being part of a major league organization saddle entail.  They’ve learned how to coach the young up and comers into contention while keeping the not quite there and the never going to happen guys in good shape, mentally and physically.  But you can’t coach money, you either have it or you don’t.

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Lake County Captains 2010 Review: Little Known Champs

Cleveland only needs to look a few miles East to see the goal.  The Tribe’s Class A affiliate, The Lake County Captains, brought home the hardware in 2010.  And it’s some gorgeous hardware, at that. 

The Captains finished the season a healthy 77 – 62, but still started the playoffs a heavy underdog to win it all, finishing 13 games back of the division winner, the Great Lakes Loons.  But the Captains, after defeating the West Michigan Whitecaps two games to one in a three game series, exacted revenge on their divisional rivals by upsetting the Loons two games to one as well.

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