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Hanley Ramirez Is An Anchor For the Red Sox

It was with great interest that I watched current Red Sox GM Mike Hazen speak of the plans that were in place for the 2016 season.  My ears perked up when he game to Hanley Ramirez’s name, hopeful that he would be the first Red Sox GM to listen to advice, and reveal his plan for moving Ramirez.  Instead of those happy words, Hazen laid out a plan that included Ramirez moving to 1B.  This will necessitate a move of one of the Red Sox budding young stars, because there simply is not enough positions on the field, not with Fat hanging out across the diamond. Continue reading Hanley Ramirez Is An Anchor For the Red Sox

Match That MLB Salary

As the baseball season begins its final weeks of its season, I thought it might be fun to look at a few players’ statistics, and see if it’s possible to match them up with their MLB salary for the 2015 season and beyond. For this exercise, I’ve decided to go the multiple choice route. All statistics are accurate entering yesterday’s games.

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Looking At the Red Sox 2014 Deadlines Deals With 20/20 Lens

I write this particular article, because it is highly unlikely that the Red Sox will make any significant moves as the MLB trade deadline comes to pass this afternoon.  This is the problem with handing out bloated contracts to players that do not have the talent to back them up.  The best move they have to make at the moment is to place Pablo Sandoval, Hanley Ramirez, and Rick Porcello on irrevocable waivers, and hope that some GM foolishly grabs one of them.

On to today’s thought – It was just about one year ago that I was ecstatic over what Boston Red Sox GM Ben Cherington was able to do with his 2014 deadline deals.  At the time, I thought that Cherington did the absolute best that he could, and gave his efforts with an A- rating.  With 364 days to dwell on the deals, and with the Red Sox floundering through the 2015 season that seems destined for another last place finish (their 3rd in the last 4 seasons.), it is only prudent to engage in a bit of a re-think.  If I had known then what I know now, I may not have regarded Cherington so highly in 2014.

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No MLB Worst Contract List Is Complete Without These Two

Or when being a BIG market club isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be…

In an article for a different 4 letter network, Jonah Keri took a look around the baseball landscape and came up with his own MLB worst contract list.  I don’t disagree with many of his selections, and his number one guy (Alex Rodriguez) is spot on.  Still, as is the case with most things, there is room for improvement.

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Baffled In Beantown

In the moment, it seems amazing to me that it has been barely four short months since I was singing the praises of Boston Red Sox GM Ben Cherington.  In that moment, I was basking in the radiance that was Cherington’s genius, as he deftly managed the MLB trade deadline, gathering pieces to be used going forward as the Red Sox began their rebuild, while in some cases shipping off dead wood that shouldn’t be allowed near a MLB field. (Stephen Drew, anyone?)  Things seemed to portend well for the Red Sox heading in to 2015, and there was hope in my heart that another bounce back season was in the offing.

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Bits and Pieces of the National League East

Bits and Pieces is your weekly More Than a Fan source for all the interesting stories out of the National League East. Whether you want pictures, videos, or just the half news/half bad jokes column you’ve come to expect from me, this is the place to be. 

Every installment of Bits and Pieces will be led off by the current National League East standings next to my preseason predictions. We’ll be chronicling my idiocy all season.

Current My Prediction
Tm W L W-L% GB  
Washington Nationals 10 3 .769 Marlins
Atlanta Braves 7 5 .583 2.5 Phillies
New York Mets 7 5 .583 2.5 Nationals
Miami Marlins 6 6 .500 3.5 Braves
Philadelphia Phillies 5 7 .417 4.5 Mets

Stock Overreaction

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