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Saying No to Little Caesar’s Arena in 2017-18

The ice is in.  It’s been painted.  The first octopus has been tossed onto it, scraped off of it, and twirled around in the air over it.  We’re barreling toward the opening of Detroit’s latest attraction, Little Caesar’s Arena, the new home of the Red Wings and Pistons.

I’m excited.  I think we all are, here in Detroit.  It’s been four years since the city filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, and the transformation from then to now has been swift.  Make no mistake, there is still plenty of work to be done.  There always will be.  The public school system is at the top of the list (as it is for most metropolitan areas, if we’re being fair).  But those who were here 10 years ago cannot deny that things are much better now than they were then.

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