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Maybe The Minors Aren't So Bad

I love the game of baseball. Of course, if you’ve read any of my posts or seen any of my tweets, you already know this.

The thing is, I’ve somehow managed to fall in love with it all over again. Okay, I’m getting sappy on you. This is a sports site, not Cosmo – I apologize.

My point is, I’ve discovered a new branch of baseball that has revitalized my passion for the game. It’s called minor league baseball.

Obviously I’ve always been aware of the minors. I knew the teams and their affiliations and some of the star minor league players. I’d been to a handful of Columbus Clippers games, one Lake County Captains game and a Toledo Mud Hens game prior to this season, but I never really got into minor league ball. To me, these guys were merely prospects. They weren’t big leaguers so they didn’t matter to me yet. Now that I’m covering two of the Indians minor league teams, I’ve come to learn the atmosphere that resides within the minor leagues.

Now, I’m falling for minor league baseball more than the majors. Well, maybe not that much, but the relationship is getting pretty serious here.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because the minor leagues are an entirely different world. They deserve attention and fandom that many of their teams don’t receive. They boast their own culture of baseball that requires a patience and understanding from fans – and in return, fans receive an experience unlike that of major league baseball.

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Prospect Responsibility

Here at MTAF, we’ve spent countless hours writing, researching and arguing about the Indians players.  We’ve had email strings about Grady Sizemore, Lonnie Chisenhall, Travis Buck, Matt LaPorta and many more of both the Tribe’s established players and the team’s highly touted prospects. 

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Back to the Farm

Since March 11th the Indians major league spring training roster has been cut down from 62 players down to 47, with another cut yet to come. 

Going to AAA Columbus Clippers are RHP Corey Kluber, RHP Hector Rondon, RHP Zack McAllister, INF Jared Goedert, and OF Nick Weglarz.  Going to AA Akron are LHP Kevin de la Cruz and LHP Nick Hagadone.  Finally, the players that are re-assigned to minor league camp, to be placed later are LHP Drew Pomeranz, RHP Zack Putnam, RHP Bryce Stowell, RHP Alex White, CA Jaun Apodaca, CA Chun-Hsiu Chen, 2B Jason Kipnis and 3B Lonnie Chisenhall.

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Nothing Minor About These Promotions

The largest struggle for a minor league baseball club is often not having enough attendance revenue.  These clubs have years of experience dealing with the ever changing lineups that being part of a major league organization saddle entail.  They’ve learned how to coach the young up and comers into contention while keeping the not quite there and the never going to happen guys in good shape, mentally and physically.  But you can’t coach money, you either have it or you don’t.

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#3: The Men Behind The Masks

Maybe I’m a little biased (I spent my bicycle riding summers as a hopelessly mediocre little league catcher), but I think the most important position on the field is catcher.  A good catcher knows his pitchers, keeps track of all the calls on the field and can control the pace of a baseball game.  (I succeeded mainly because I didn’t have to do anything but call the number of outs between every batter.  We weren’t even allowed to throw anything but fastballs.) The Cleveland Indians organization has 21 catchers scattered throughout it’s rosters, ranging from rookie league all the way to the big league club and every one of them are chasing Carlos Santana. 

A Governor's Cup For Ohio's State Capital

The Cleveland Indians Triple-A affiliate, the Columbus Clippers, did exactly what an organization wants from it’s top level farm club.  The Clippers provided a season starting point for a load of big league level talent, utilized a great coaching staff to deal with the constant player movement, and played their way into a league championship.

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Down On The Farm: Meet Alex White

Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects list is out and the Cleveland Indians are one of ten organizations in baseball to have four players on the list.  Lonnie Chisenhall, Jason Kipnis and Drew Pomeranz are three prospects that have already graced the 90 Feet And Running headline list.  The fourth player from the Indians that is on the list is right handed starter Alex White.

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Some Good News Out Of Akron, Too

First thing’s first, thank God this is a baseball site and I get to write about the positive news coming out of Akron, OH.  There’s no doubt that 2010 was a trying time for the relationship between Cleveland and her sister city to the south, but the Akron Aeros did lots of those little things that are important to relationships.

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Down On The Farm: Meet Jared Goedert

One of the things we can do with the Down On The Farm section of 90 Feet And Running is recap the previous week’s minor league action, and deliver all any juicy news coming from the farm system.  Another thing that Down On The Farm affords us is a chance to introduce some key Indians minor league players.  Last week featured the players that I think are the Indians top three prospects; Lonnie Chisenhall, Jason Kipnis and Drew Pomeranz.  This week I’ll be sitting down to introduce you to another Tribe prospect, Jared Goedert.

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Lake County Captains 2010 Review: Little Known Champs

Cleveland only needs to look a few miles East to see the goal.  The Tribe’s Class A affiliate, The Lake County Captains, brought home the hardware in 2010.  And it’s some gorgeous hardware, at that. 

The Captains finished the season a healthy 77 – 62, but still started the playoffs a heavy underdog to win it all, finishing 13 games back of the division winner, the Great Lakes Loons.  But the Captains, after defeating the West Michigan Whitecaps two games to one in a three game series, exacted revenge on their divisional rivals by upsetting the Loons two games to one as well.

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