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MTAF Weekly: Indians Should Have Swept and the US Couldn't Get It Done.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe last week was the MLB All-Star game.  It feels like a month ago already.  Probably because I took the weekend off for a big golf outing and a whole bunch of family fun.  (That’s what’s known as a built in excuse just in case I sound stupid this morning.)

A week ago today, Ryan wrote about Mike Vrabel, Kyle Kalis and ESPN suing Ohio State.  If you think your Mondays are stressful, read about that Monday.  Ryan also killed US Soccer’s hopes of building an American fan base by finally telling the truth about why we watch soccer when we do.    Deb profiled the Chicago Cubs and White Sox All-Stars, which is good, and Wrigley Feild’s drop in attendance this year, which is not so good.  The article is good, though, and isn’t that what this is all about?  Lisa and I rekindled our preseason debate on who we think will take each division in baseball.  After reading the American League predictions and the National League predictions, I know you’ll decide who won.  (Me.)  Lisa beat me in writing about the Pittsburgh Pirates, though, who she seems to think are contenders in the National League.  Stephanie gave us a second half outlook for the Indians, and touted an oft repeated mantra in this neck of the woods: Have Hope, Cleveland.  I did a little thing about ESPN and the Bruce Feldman suspension, that has since turned into ESPN saying that Bruce Feldman was never suspended and that he could resume his normal duties.  Resume his normal duties?  Resume after doing what?  Being suspended, probably.   

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