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My Cleveland Sports Weekend v4

Dear Diary,

SSSHHHHHHHHHHH STOP YELLING! Oh my aching head! My weekend was insane and I’m STILL hungover! I know I’m late in writing to you but gimme a break. I had a rough weekend!

football(whispering) I can’t even remember Friday night. That’s how bad it is! Saturday, however, is another story! The Buckeyes were in Happy Valley for an 8:30 kickoff vs Penn State and, after a 12-pack of Corona and TWO OVER TIMES (shhhh – sorry) two over time periods, we came out on top 31-24. As I’m watching (and drinking) their 17 point lead fade away to nothing, I had to cut up two more limes for the beer and ran out of nachos and, well, let’s just say that when Joey Bosa sacked Hackenberg on that 4th-and-5 play to end the game, we ALL passed out! Next thing I know it’s Sunday morning, the stupid London game is kicking off at 9:30 am (OY) and the hubby is trying to feed me runny eggs and sausage links! #Ralph

I make it to work ok and get everything done early in anticipation of the late game for my Browns vs the Oakland Raiders. My head’s a bit sore but I’m more or less ok… until half time. 9-6. Are you kidding me? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME! (yikes, ouch, my head) I will not handle any more of this field goal crap! Break out the vodka and make Pepto Bismolitans! No scoring in the 3rd quarter and I’m nearPepto Bismolitonly out of vodka. We are one break-out play away from losing – FOR THE SECOND WEEK IN A ROW – to a winless team!

When did we start running a charity around here? “Need a win? Play the Browns!” Oh. Hell. No. Not only am I completely tipsy at this point, but I’m getting really pissed. That’s right, I said it. Pissed. The Browns are playing AT HOME! The Dawg Pound has to matter! We have to make our opponents FEAR coming in here! I have to type more softly because it feels like the monkeys flinging this poo at my computer screen are dancing on my head right now!

Anyway, the 4th quarter finally brought some big plays, some excitement, some signs of life from an offense that has been as hungover as I am since the beat down of the Pittsburgh Steelers two weeks ago. (no, it never gets old, reminding you that we beat Pittsburgh) Solomon Wilcots referred to our injured Center as “Alex Smith” – TWICE – and we gave up a garbage TD. In the end, we won 23-13 but I have to say, as much as I enjoy Victory Monday and as much as a W counts regardless of how ugly it was, the defense needs to learn a serious lesson here. If you don’t shut teams down and let them keep coming back at you, you will LOSE more games than you WIN. The Oakland Raiders are NOT a good football team and we did NOT shut them down properly.

Frankly, my head still hurts and yes, celebrating two wins is better than two losses but still…. the hang over is the same. Until next week diary, behave yourself!

Respectfully (and quietly) Submitted,

Cleveland Kate