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The Next Step for Campus Pressbox

It’s August and that means we are merely weeks away from the beginning of college football and a few short months away from the start of college basketball, so in that vein it’s time we start anew…or as anew as we can.

About three years ago when this site started as College Football Roundtable we never imagined it would transform itself into a full-fledged opinion website with columns and a few podcasts, but yet here we are in August 2016. As the site has grown we’ve repeatedly tried to present the best content to our listeners and readers, and now we’re ready for our next step.

Campus Pressbox Insiders

Campus Pressbox Insiders is a premium subscription model that will not only help us continue to create great content, but will give us an opportunity to consistently reward our writers with the compensation they deserve. Campus Pressbox is improving for everyone involved, not just those who become Insiders. Over the next few months we’ll roll out a new site design, improve the speed and responsiveness of our site and include the Insider community in the direction of the site and the implementation of those ideas.

The first step in improving the browsing experience for Insiders is to remove all of the ads that are displayed on the site. Hosting large websites isn’t easy or cheap, so while Insiders will have those annoying ads removed, placements by site sponsors will remain visible.

The next step is an Insider community to which we will move comments on all articles and will provide a moderated place where Insiders can talk about their own team and others without fear of the nastiness and constant competitiveness that many other sites expose its users to.

Insiders will also have early access to feature articles and podcasts. Typically, these are podcasts we may demo and ultimately based on your feedback continue to produce or move in a different direction. These feature articles are something we work on weeks or months in advance and hold until a particular point in time. We’ll release both early to you – because…why not?

Campus Pressbox Insiders isn’t expensive at $3 per month, but for those of you who chose to join us in the month of August, you’ll pay $2 per month as long as you remain a month-to-month member. So, yes, for life as long as you continue to renew, you’ll pay just $2 per month. On September 1, the rate for those who join will revert to $3 per month.

If you’re interested in becoming a Campus Pressbox Insider sign-up here and we’re in the process of hiring contributors, so if you or anyone you know would like to join us, click here.

Thanks so much for reading.

Damien Bowman
Executive Editor, Campus Pressbox

Photo: BillG/Flickr.